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    1. Clean the filter of the dryer. The cleaner the filter the better the drying. (After opening the door, pull out the door filter from the lower edge of the opening and remove all cotton by hand).
    1. Check out the fabric labels first.
    2. Load only the laundry that is well centrifuged.  If the washing machine did not centrifuge your laundry well (the washing machine was overfilled, or your laundry tangled and the drum was not balanced well) the dryer will not dry such laundry properly.
    3. Close the door.
    4. Tap your payment card on terminal, or insert the payment card into the terminal from below.
    5. Select cycle.
      • Whites and colors
      • Permanent press
      • Delicates
    6. Push the button START. (Only with several types of dryers.)

    The remaining time of drying appears on a display. The program pauses when the door opens. Close the door and press the drying button again to restart.

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